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"Putting the power of your health back in your hands"
Hi and Welcome. My name is Wendy Vickery. I am a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner & Trainer as well as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I have over 20 years’ experience in the holistic health field and have dedicated my life to this path after personally discovering and experiencing our body's incredible healing capabilities.

Dedicated to healing

Whether you had or have health issues such as pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, or perhaps other challenges, such as destructive patterns and behaviours. I can assist you to regain power over your health, dissolve debilitating patterns and limiting beliefs as well as achieve new levels of health, wellness, energy and fulfilment.

How I can help...

Together, we can reignite your rejuvenation system and help you to restore and realign with your own healing capabilities. I will guide and remind you of everything that you already are, inspiring all that your inner being already knows. Most importantly, I will help you to rediscover, re-empower and genuinely appreciate yourself for the wonderful being that you are.

Let’s embark on this beautiful journey of healing and self-discovery. Together we will unlock your potential for you to become the best version of yourself.

I'll never find the words to say how thankful I am to come across Wendy's page.”
I am blown away, I have just completed my 5 sessions with Wendy and I can not believe the difference in me, she has turned my life around.
There are no words to say how grateful I am for everything Wendy has done not only for me but for my family. I don't know what you do Wendy, or how you do it but you are magic!! My mental health plummeted due to a freak accident that happened at home, I was riddled with anxiety & guilt, feeling worthless, shamed, the list goes on. After just 5 weeks with Wendy the difference in me is phenomenal, I have a spring in my step, I forgive myself, I am happy, I know I'm so loved, and most of all I am grateful to see life in a new perspective again.
I have the light back in my eyes, my heart no longer hurts and that is all down to Wendy. I'll never find the words to say how thankful I am to come across Wendy's page.
Wendy, you truly are a beautiful person inside & out.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting the air back into my lungs and making me happy again. I cannot wait to continue my journey with you, and reflect in a year from now
Lauren Evans
I am calmer, happier and healthier”
I cannot say enough kind words about Wendy.

She truly is an amazing person, with some very impressive skills!

I can honestly say that she has been critical and instrumental in my quest for inner healing, and finding my balance and direction again.

I am calmer, happier and healthier after having been blessed with the first round of sessions with Wendy.

I am looking forward to my next journey with her, soon. Thank you, Wendy!

Highly Recommended!
Andrew Glen One To One Client
Every visit leaves me feeling invincible”
I wholeheartedly recommend Wendy. I can honestly say that she has changed my life. I was first introduced to Wendy for some anxiety issues relating to driving. She has helped me find the source of these problems and work on removing them one by one.

Every visit leaves me feeling invincible and most importantly she has helped me to accept and love myself. I attended my first session with an open mind and now I have opened my heart. Thank you so much Wendy, I am forever indebted to you!
L Hughes
L Hughes
Working with Wendy is the best money you can spend on yourself, your children will thank you for it ”
I have received numerous forms of therapy & healing in the last 20+ years.
But none of the other modalities ever enabled me to progress as far as I have in the last 6 months.
Wendy provided me the safest space to offload my baggage and has helped me to sort through what I no longer need and what was never mine to carry.
She has facilitated the process of eliminating the obstacles that have kept tripping me up throughout my life.
In autumn 2021 I had the honour of being one of Wendy's 1st students on her incredible introductory course to Bio Energy Healing.
The wisdom and knowledge shared during the sessions has changed the way I see every human & animal and how I interact with every thing I come into contact with.
I have also attended many workshops with Wendy & Richard Valintine, these have also contributed massively towards my personal growth & healing.
I continue to have occasional sessions with Wendy to clear the remnants of my ongoing inner personal work.
My mind is clearer.
My heart is braver.
My smile is more radiant.
Working with Wendy is the best money you can spend on yourself, your children will thank you for it
Renee Cullen
Her work makes you feel incredibly safe, & supported”
I have had the pleasure of having healing sessions with Wendy since the beginning of the year and it has been beyond transformational. Wendy’s healing sessions are incredibly powerful, & cleansing, her work makes you feel incredibly safe, & supported and for that I am for so grateful. Wendy has helped me to open a new pathway of acceptance & I am beyond grateful for everything she has helped me work through physically , emotionally, energetically & spiritually.
Wendy is full of light & her therapies are beyond anything I have ever experienced, I look forward to the on going healing sessions & highly recommend her work to anyone, they are transformational.
Yasmin M
I have gone from being at my lowest low to on top of the world”
There are no words to describe how grateful I am for everything Wendy has done for me. I have gone from being at my lowest low to on top of the world. I suffered debilitating health anxiety to the point it made mine and my families lives miserable. I had years and years of trauma I’d never dealt with, starting from as early as the age of 6. I did months of CBT therapy that made no difference atall. Now, the difference in me after just 6 weeks with Wendy just blows my mind. I am a completely different person, I am happy, I am healthy and above all I am grateful. I don’t know what she does or how she does it but she is magic!! Thank you Wendy from the bottom of my heart. You’re a beautiful person inside and out and I look forward to carrying on this journey with you
Emily L
I hardly recognise my old self”
Everybody needs someone like Wendy in their life and I'm so grateful she is in mine. I started seeing Wendy 1-1 in January and in the last six month I've journeyed out of the depths of darkness and hardly recognise my old self. on this healing journey I've done 1-1 and yoga classes, and celebrations. I really can't recommend her highly enough
Jessica L
Her style of therapy is truly unique and so powerful”
I recently started one to one sessions with Wendy and she's honestly amazing at what she does, I can't recommend her enough, I have spoke to Wendy about things I would never ever feel comfortable telling other people, her style of therapy is truly unique and so powerful, I am using her techniques at home and making them a way of life and I have strong belief that they can change my life. Wendy's beauty genuinly shines from the inside and even though I'm very early days In to my therapy I can't wait to go each week.
Joanne E
Her healing sessions have enabled me to come to terms with a lot of trauma”
Wendy is absolutely amazing. I've been having energy healing via zoom with her since May 2020 which has been life changing. Wendy's incredibly knowledgeable, kind and gifted. Her healing sessions have enabled me to come to terms with a lot of trauma. I don't know what she does but all I can say is that the healing works!! She also keeps me on track with my goals because she holds me accountable which is what we all need to progress. Her Kundalini yoga sessions via zoom are also magical and really support me to stay grounded and balanced. I've had a face to face energy healing session with Wendy and been to 2 healing days (delivered by Wendy and her partner) which were extremely powerful and cleansing. Wendy and Richards online monthly healing sessions are also beautiful. Thank you Wendy you beautiful soul.
Jo J
I just wish I have found her sooner”
I live in Lanzarote, Canary Islands so count myself incredibly fortunate to have found Wendy. I’m a high energy fitness instructor and working with Wendy has simply changed and enhanced my life in every way possible. Her one on one healing sessions balance me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. She calmy and methodically helps recharge and rebalance my energy. Her style of work suits me and my needs, her knowledge and practice is simply addictive. The healing sessions take place online and I never thought I would ever work online with anyone. I also take part in her Kundalini yoga sessions. She has changed my life I simply cannot recommend her enough. Your energy is everything and she is simply the best. Open minded, non judgemental, mind blowing sessions which will leave you feel amazing. Don’t hesitate just do it I just wish I have found her sooner. Xx
Gemma C
Totally loved it and
I would recommend”
I had a session with Wendy yesterday which was simply amazing! It brought up a lot of past feelings and was very transformational - totally loved it and I would recommend it to everyone to try!
Fed - 1 to 1 client
Helped me in more ways
than I thought possible”
I’ve just completed a block of 5 sessions with Wendy and will be continuing to see Wendy for a session every 4 weeks now. All I can say is wow, Wendy is an amazing energy healer, she has helped me get to the root of my low self-worth and helped me in more ways than I thought possible.

She has helped me with recent relationship issues, inner child trauma and how to better my life for me. Wendy is such a kind beautiful person inside and out and I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her support.
Michelle - 1 to 1 client
So different to anything
I'd ever tried before.”
I've been attending Wendy's Kundalini Yoga classes since lockdown first started last March. I've found Zoom easy to access and really do feel as though I'm in the same room as Wendy. I'd never tried Kundalini Yoga before, but I absolutely love it! It's so different to anything I'd ever tried before.
Annette - Kundalini Yoga Participant
These sessions
really helped me”
I went to Wendy after being referred to by a good friend, I was a bit apprehensive at first not knowing what to expect, Within minutes of my first meeting I instantly knew she was the therapist for me, down to earth and non-judgmental. These sessions really helped me and if I’m honest changed me for the better.
James - 1 to 1 client
An overwhelming feeling of
peace, calm and bliss”
I attended the Winter Solstice event with Wendy and Richard and I loved it. I highly recommend going to one of their events. It’s the second one I’ve been to and even though this one was online it didn't disappoint.

There was a great balance of education, healing, humour and absolute enjoyment and relaxation. I felt at ease, even though I'm quite shy of being on camera and felt completely held and safe in their presence.

I'd been experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress beforehand but afterwards I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace, calm and bliss. Can't wait for the next one. I also love Wendy's kundalini yoga classes, so healing.
Emma - Workshop Participant
I feel like a Phoenix
rising from the ashes!”
I had been on a search for some healing as I knew I had some past/childhood trauma to clear and having suffered with anxiety since childhood and depression in my adult life. I have done a lot of talk therapy in the past but what Wendy offers is NEXT LEVEL!!! I love how the sessions are slightly different with different healing modalities. Totally bespoke experience. I have cleared more trauma in my 1 to 1 sessions with Wendy than in months of talk therapy. Really showed me that the body does in fact keep the score!

So much gratitude to Wendy for creating an environment and energy that allowed me to open up and finally start letting go. I feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! This goddess is ready to show the universe what I’m made of!
Chloe - 1 to 1 client
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